Our Outdoor Billboard Advertising Services Offer Fantastic Exposure and Return on Investment!

广告牌, 也叫公告, are the largest and among the most impactful standard-sized Out of 首页 media formats. Positioned along heavily trafficked interstates and expressways, as well as major surface street intersections, bulletins provide high-density consumer exposure in Seattle to vehicular traffic, 通常是对行人. Billboard Advertising afford heightened visibility due not only to their size, but also because they allow creative “customizing” through extensions and embellishments. Pacific Outdoor’s bulletin board advertising services provide high impact for for a variety of businesses and industries to reach consumers with effective messaging that targets daily commuters over a short term or extended period of time. Due to the massive scale that billboards command, they capture and hold viewer attention as well as create and support brand awareness.

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Take Advantage of All the Benefits Billboard Signs Offer Advertisers

这里有一些 统计数据 that show the effectiveness of billboards and their potential impact:

  • 71% of people say they remember the billboard they see
  • 56% of people say they talk about funny billboards to others
  • 58% of people say they visited a restaurant they learned about from a billboard
  • 58% of people say they attend an event they learned about from a billboard
  • 50% of people say they went to a store they learned about from a billboard
  • 广告牌 and OOH (Out of 首页) Advertising increase mobile search by as much as 54%
  • 广告牌 and OOH drives 3x more digital and social activation than any other ad medium

Prime Locations, High Traffic, Quality Service

Billboard signs are connected to the street, where people live and travel. They are real, tangible expressions of your brand. 在这个数字混乱的世界, ads on billboard signs are easily seen and reach people as they move through their daily lives. Whether you are a national advertiser or a smaller locally owned business, our personalized bulletin advertising services can help drive traffic and increase sales. 我们提供策略性的, targeted coverage of key areas within the Seattle market where other out of home advertisers have little or no presence.

Our bulletin advertising services provide you with ad space in some of the most highly populated areas throughout the city of Seattle 如:

  • North Seattle Suburbs throughout Snohomish County
  • 林伍德,米尔克里克
  • Paine Field and Boeing’s Everett facility.
  • Seattle Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and Downtown Seattle
  • 塔科马和法夫
  • I-5 between Tacoma and Seatac Airport

Our Billboard Advertising Company Works With You to Grow Your Business

澳门银河赌博平台注册 is a local, 精品, affordable billboard advertising company that offers personalized campaigns to help you drive customers and leads to your business. You’ll find our large format billboards are located in the most prime spots, 以最大的能见度, in the most congested corridors of Seattle metro. When you choose 澳门银河赌博平台注册 as your billboard advertising company, your brand or message will stand amongst the biggest brands, as 7 of the top 10 US brands utilize Out of 首页 Advertising. 澳门银河赌博平台注册 offers a consultative sales approach with turnkey services that include design, 生产, and installation for our vast inventory throughout Seattle and Tacoma.


Our billboard signs for rent are typically purchased in two ways:


Rotary bulletins are moved to different, pre-approved locations periodically to give broad market coverage or to target specific geographic areas.


Permanent bulletins have dominant coverage of high traffic volumes at fixed locations; advertising remains at the location throughout the duration of the contract, which can be short or long term (4 weeks to multiple years). Permanent bulletins are also used for directional or selected geo-demographic coverage purposes to drive local traffic toward a specific business location.

The Production of Your Billboard Sign

打印公告, 不透明PVC、乙烯基或PE塑料, is the most common technique for producing bulletins. Durable and long-lasting flexible vinyl faces present a uniform appearance with good color and art quality. The material is usually produced on one sheet and stretched over the face of the structure. Printed bulletin material should be supplied to us at least 5 working days prior to the posting date. 如果你需要帮助, our billboard advertising company can coordinate the entire 生产, shipping and installation process for you!

Extensions Help Your Outdoor Billboard Standout

To increase the impact of bulletins, extensions (cutouts that extend beyond the basic shape of the structure) are often used. Extensions or cut-outs may be added around perimeters often with a one-time charge per square foot. Depending on specific Seattle area regulations, extensions or cut-outs may be added from 5’ on top, 2 '在侧面,1 '在底部.

Outdoor Billboard Advertising Connects Brands With Real People for Real Results

In today’s world of constant information, billboard signs cut through all the noise. They are unavoidable when passing and are exclusive to the advertiser, which provides brand safety and exclusivity that other advertising mediums cannot provide. Outdoor billboards have become a mainstay for most national advertisers as it represents a connecting point between the street and the digital universe. Outdoor billboards build reach quickly and add frequency as a campaign continues and they can’t be turned off, 调整了, 或者扔掉. Roadside billboard advertising delivers thousands of daily impressions to consumers over and over again creating the one of the lowest cost per thousand numbers available.

Our Billboard Advertising Services Help Brands In A Variety of Industries

这里有一些 of the business categories that have campaigns with our billboard advertising company in Seattle…

  • 赌场
  • 旅游
  • 保险
  • 银行 & 信用合作社
  • 时尚 & 美容产品
  • 智能手机和电脑
  • 技术
  • 食品. 软饮料,瓶装水
  • 医院/医疗
  • 啤酒和白酒
  • 电信服务提供商
  • 广播 & 电视台
  • 啤酒厂
  • 递送服务
  • 餐厅
  • 杂货店
  • 汽车经销商
  • 园艺中心/苗圃
  • 房屋建筑商
  • 大麻药房

Ready to Get Your Advertising Campaign Off the Ground?

Our outdoor billboard signs provide your company the customization, 灵活性, and exposure you need to grow your business. Billboard signs remain simple, effective, and low cost. Interested in how our billboard/bulletin advertising services in the Seattle area can help your brand? Call our office at (206) 536-3600 or reach out to us on our website.


澳门银河赌博平台注册 is a top notch company in all facets of the business. The team demonstrates a strong collaborative and innovative spirit by using forward-thinking strategies. It’s clear that Pacific Outdoor prides themselves for being detail-oriented, organized and always open to constructive feedback, making our business relationship effortless. It is a true pleasure to work with such a talented and trusted team.
In the ten years we’ve worked with them they’ve provided phenomenal customer service, responsiveness to requests and come up with some great ideas. They make the process of changing our campaigns easy. They have a tight team who work closely together and with the clients. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.
The professionals at Pacific Outdoor have played a critical role in implementing various Outdoor strategies. They presented us a turnkey experience that delivers the results we expect for our clients. They managed the entire process from creative and 生产, 澳门银河赌博平台注册的建议, installation and proof of performance. Pacific Outdoor has also demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson provides outstanding customer service and support while making us feel like a priority. Pacific Outdoor makes the process so easy and is willing to work with us on budget and timeframes for our campaigns.
Dr. 美国马丁航空公司
I've worked with Pacific Outdoor for nearly a decade using outdoor media to create leadership positions for our client's brands. I've always felt they understood what we're trying to achieve, bringing expertise and creative solutions to help us succeed. 周围都是好人.
Pacific Outdoor took the time to understand our clients changing needs and strategies as people's daily lives began to shift. They helped us to manage the entire process from 生产, 澳门银河赌博平台注册的建议, installation and proof of performance. Our Pacific Outdoor salesperson was quick to respond and always accessible. Our program was seamless and our campaign generated results. Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times.
Pacific Outdoor demonstrated a true partnership in working with us during these challenging times. You guys were great in offering us the bonus locations and have always been very supportive of staying within my budget.
Pacific Outdoor takes the time to understand our needs and goes above and beyond to execute an excellent outdoor advertising campaign. They constantly put their best foot forward accommodating and quickly addressing all last minute requests and changes. During these unforeseen/challenging times, 澳门银河赌博平台注册是一个真正的合作伙伴, offering clients creative solutions and making whole on commitments.
Pacific Outdoor put a cost effective and highly visible campaign together for me that brought immediate customer and employee feedback, 每个人都提到了广告牌!